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Business and selection strategy


Business and selection strategy

Candidate database: we can select suitable candidate from our reserve pool at any time

Ensure quality of candidate: all of candidates are well trade experienced and medically fit.

Selection process: Direct interview in presence of principals or through VIDEO communications, practical test (technical trade), and medical checkup by certified medical partners etc

Our Efficiency: swift response, commitment, multilingual with low cost candidates.

Probation period: 03 months against any medical issues and unsatisfactory performance.

Quick processing: as a trusted and well reputed recruiting agency in Bangladesh, most of relevant legislations honored us and to process VISA & all permission come within shortest possible time.

Our Policy: we deliver directly to country agency also direct to the sponsor.

We, the Navira team, have fixed our experience in the hiring procedure better and smoother. We understand your needs, values and perspectives and thereby aim to always choose the best for you among all options.

And in this context comes a team to power your business by providing skilled and experienced workforce.

Therefore, if you want to hit a home run in your business or go for better career opportunities, then do not hesitate to call us. We are at your service 24/7 with an aim of individual as well as social betterment

Bangladesh Women Worker

One of the best hardworkers women in the world.

Bangladeshs Man Workers

Hard worker, efficient and low rate

Construction Workers

Skilled, Efficient, Professional, Hard worker

We are working with Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Afganistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Mauritius, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Many More.