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Our History

Navira Limited is one of the leading recruiting agencies of Bangladesh. Navira limited are registered Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Trading Government of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Its also a joint stock registered since 1999 and holding Recruiting License No 712 from Bangladesh Government. We are maintaining require standard (Young, fit, energetic, strong, effective and suitable) applicant to provide skilled, semi-skilled, professionals & fresh/unskilled category to the many clients worldwide.

We already recruited more than 10,000.00 persons within last 14 years. in the recruitment, we have different lines of candidates like constructions, Agriculture, Poultry, Oil & Gas, Electric & Civil, Hospitality (Hotel &Catering), Driver, Logistic, Sales Man, Cashier (Accountant), carpenter, House servant and many more professions. We make the right match by bridging the communication between employers and job seekers.

Navira Limited is an excellent recruiting agency who follow the all professional strategy and procedure to manage workers for placement. I am really satisfied of their working Procedure.

Hasan bin Basit, Manager at "Basit Recruiting Agency"

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Bangladesh Women Worker

One of the best hardworkers women in the world.

Bangladeshs Man Workers

Hard worker, efficient and low rate

Construction Workers

Skilled, Efficient, Professional, Hard worker

We are working with Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Afganistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Mauritius, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Many More.