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Management Bodies Speech

Chairmans Message

Chairmans Photo We have the pleasure to introduce Navira limited, a committed recruiting agent dully authorized by the government and other regulatory bodies operating in Bangladesh along with its liaison offices in Kuwait, japan, and india, we have been pioneering in this sector since last 14 years with our dynamic vision and mission insuring best exploration of our human capital and skill transfer in different parts of world. Bangladesh has been privileged with large number of population. There are huge demands of skilled and semi skilled manpower in different parts of the world specially in middle east, arab countries, central and east asia, Africa, Europe and others. Bangladesh has been recognized as one of the best sources for the skilled and semi skilled manpower who can best fit in the many skill sets.

As of now we leveraged a significant number of manpower to our client countries like middle east, Afghanistan, Jordan, lraq, Libya, Malaysia and other countries, being a dynamic and government authorized manpower recruiting agent, our organized network which spans throughout Bangladesh has given us given us opportunity to satisfy our clients with the very best skilled and professional workforce, our technical centre produces quality workforce round the year through proper sector wise testing and training in meeting growing demand of our clients. In the recruitment field, we have potential and potential and proven workforce ready for the fields of construction, agriculture, poultry, oil & gas, electrical/civil, hospitality (hotels & catering ), driver, logistic, sales man, cashier (accountant), carpenter house servant and others,

On time service delivery in meeting clients’ demand with professional workforce in different sophisticated skill sets is our strength that facilitated us to be the market the leader in local and international markets with fame of service excellence, prospective clients will have a faster of difference once we get the opportunity to serve with due diligence and value.

We are always ready to render our best services all the times all the ways.

Mahabub Rahman

Managing Directors Message

Managing Directors Photo We, Navira limited, are immensely delighted to take this of introducing ourselves as one of the lending recruiting agencies in Bangladesh having liaison offices in Kuwait, japan and india. It is a joint stock registered company since 1999 holding recruiting license no, 712 dully issued by Bangladesh government. We opt to ensure maintaining required standards among our available workforce with set range of competencies like young, best-fit, energetic, strong, effective, suitable and sustainable applicant to provide skilled, semi-skilled, professionals and fresh pool of potentials to serve our clients worldwide. We already recruited more than 10.000 manpower in last 14 years. In the recruitment field, we have different available candidates with many skill sets like construction, agriculture, poultry, oli-gas, electrical engineering, civil engineering, hospitality ( hotels and catering ), driver, logistic, sales man, cashier ( accountant ), carpenter, house servant and others.

The primary object of Navira ltd is to satisfy our valued clients ensuring best possible support with required quality workforce. We solely engage our highly professionals in the selection board to ensure the best recruitment and prospects against set benchmark therefore mutual interests of both employer and workforce are established.

We welcome and appreciate your valued judgment on us and our service excellence therefore we can serve you prospect demand for diverse workforce.

Shaikh Mohammad Shahidur Rahman
Managing Director

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