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Overseas placement


Why recruit from Bangladesh ?

1.Bangladeshs booming population which has opened the doors to a thriving workforce, giving the employers the advantage of a wide range of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in almost all available fields. These workers are readily available for immediate placement.

2. The procedures and formalities for recruiting Bangladesh workers for overseas employment have become easier than ever.

3. The cost for hiring workers from Bangladesh is lower in comparison with other labour exporting countries.

4. Bangladeshi workers are dedicated, loyal and hardworking with a high sense of responsibility and discipline. They are able to easily adapt themselves even in extreme climatic conditions.

5. Bangladesh is situated at a convenient location having air link with nearly all the major labour importing countries and major cities of the world.

Bangladesh Women Worker

One of the best hardworkers women in the world.

Bangladeshs Man Workers

Hard worker, efficient and low rate

We are working with Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Afganistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Mauritius, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Many More.